Comprehensive land use plan UPDATE

This is a unique time in Pender County.  Unprecedented growth has emerged in the coastal areas of the county, and people are placing value on preserving the agricultural tradition of the western side of the county.  We are currently in the process of facilitating the development of nearly 15 new subdivisions.  These homes will bring students, motorists, shoppers and employees.  We need your input on where the appropriate places are to locate these services.


The goal of a Comprehensive Land Use Plan is to set a road map for future development within the County. Future development and decisions are guided by this plan. Goals and policies are created to determine critical areas of importance, including infrastructure, conservation, and economic development. The policies set forth in this plan will shape the future appearance of a rapidly growing area and public input will help to create the policies within the plan. Public input is key to developing a plan that meets the needs and desires of the residents.

Pender County has partnered with the Cape Fear Council of Governments to facilitate the update of the Comprehensive Land Use Plan. 

Commissioners advisory committee

Two citizen CAC members are chosen from each of the Commissioners districts. The role of the CAC is to:

  • Provide strategic direction for the Comprehensive Plan Update 
  • Offer periodic feedback to the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) – consultant and Pender County staff – about the project as a whole
  • Attend CAC meetings
  • Engage the public and encourage citizen participation
  • Review Comprehensive Plan materials 


Why Plan Now?


We need your input to ensure we are going in the right direction!  Decisions made today impact the landscape of the county for decades.